Integration List for VoiceTrak
 Classic & Budget


These integration notes are for the VoiceTrak Classic & Budget systems only . Do not use these integration notes for the AVM, VT2000, or CallTrak products. 

Most integrations will also work with WavMail, Daily Lifeline, Daily Hello and GetMyHomework.  Call for additional information on those products.

AT&T / Lucent / Avaya Partner, Legend and Magix
Comdial Systems  VoiceTrak includes the Comdial VMI integration!
Ericsson MD 110 Serial integration (RS-232)
Executone / Isoetec 228 & more
Fujitsu  Series III and SBCS
Intertel GMX
Iwatsu ADIX, ZTD and Omega
Mitel 200 Digital & 200 Light
NEC 2400, 2000, Pro II & Mark II
Nitsuko / Tie Onyx VS & 3 
Northern Telecom / NorTel SL1, Norstar, Meridian & More
Panasonic DBS, 576 and KXT
Premier ESP & MD110
Samsung  Prostar 816, 816+, Prostar 1224, Prostar 56EX, DCS, DCS Compact
SMDI RS-232 Integration Used for CO, VoiceBridge and certain PBX integrations via RS-232 cable. AT&T, Northern Telecom, Rolm and more.
SRX Vision LS
Sun Moon Star DKTS 64
Tadiran Coral
Toshiba DK280, DK series, Perception
Vodavi SPD 4896
WIN WIN 100D, 400D