CallTrak integrates with the following phone systems:

AT&T (Avaya/Lucent) System 75
ITT (Cortelco) 3100 short form
ITT (Cortelco) 3100 long form
Lucent Definity
Lucent Merlin Legend / Magix
Lucent Merlin Legend - ISDN
Lucent Partner
Mitel Smart-1 (Mitel Format)
Mitel Smart-1 (Smart-1 Format)
Mitel SX 200 Super Switch
Nortel SL-1X (Option 11) REL 1,2,3
Nortel SL-1X (Option 11) REL 4
Nortel Vantage 48
OKI Spectrum 100
Panasonic DBS
Panasonic DBS- ISDN
Panasonic KXT
Premier 1224/2460 (Wide Format)
Samsung DCS
Siemens SD 192
Sprint Protege
Telrad 400 Digital
Tie Business Comm Plus 24/36/64
Tie Morgan


CallTrak works with many other telephone systems not listed here. 

Most telephone systems that provide SMDR output can be integrated with CallTrak. A printout of the "raw data" or output stream that the SMDR switch is sending can be sent to us for analysis.

 The description should include character spacing and a description of the fields (extension, called number, etc.) This information can be found in the telephone system technical manual. 

Once this information is sent to VoiceTrak, we can review and test the information, integrate it properly with CallTrak, and add this to our library.




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