Sea To Sea Communications is located in the community of Hickory Flat, about 40 miles north of downtown Atlanta in Cherokee County, Georgia.

Local Voice:  770.479.6999
Toll-Free Voice:  800.966.4446

We provide customized solutions using SIP phones. 

The use of hosted software eliminates the need for 'back room' equipment, greatly reducing customer costs and eliminating the need for expensive equipment upgrades or replacement.  Phones are easily and affordable replaced as needed.

Company History

Sea To Sea Communications Inc. has provided voice processing solutions since 1991. 

We've sold, installed and serviced business telephone systems since the company was founded, and we were a charter Samsung Telecommunications dealer.

VoiceTrak was our original DOS-based call processing and voice mail system and was marketed through a national network of telephone dealers until July of 1997 when it was sold to another company.  The proceeds funded development of WavMail, our Windows-based system.   

GetMyHomework was added in 2002 and extended WavMail with special features for schools.

Daily Lifeline was a special implementation designed to help sustain independent living for senior citizens through a daily check-in.  Any non-profit organization could implement Daily Lifeline, but churches found the system helped support ministries throughout the church. 

The original VoiceTrak system returned to Sea To Sea Communications in June of 2006 upon the retirement of Mr. Ken Masters from VoiceTrak LLC.  We also added CallTrak, AVM and the VoiceTrak 2000 windows-based CTI application at the same time. 

Our PC-based voice mail systems are no longer available for purchase or support due to the lack of available voice boards or drivers.

In limited cases we are able to provide support for VoiceTrak systems.  Please call.



Call 770.479.6999 or 800.966.4446 for more information..
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