Daylight Saving Time Fix

Congress, trying to make our lives better rather than cutting spending or taxes, changed the dates of Daylight Saving Time.

Two problems exist here:

  1. Older, completely reliable DOS-based systems were never designed to automatically change the system date for Daylight Saving.  Later VoiceTrak and AVM systems included a routine by VoiceTrak LLC to make these changes automatically, and these routines must be updated with the new dates.  We are providing this update at no charge.

  2. Microsoft, the benevolent behemoth, is not providing a free update for Windows 2000 systems.  Almost all WavMail, Daily Lifeline, GetMyHomework, Daily Hello, VT2000/CTI and CallTrak systems run on Windows 2000.  

    This very minor software change would be very, very simple for Microsoft and we can only assume that they wish to push people to their new Vista operating system by providing poor customer service for Windows 2000 customers.  

    Fortunately a free 3rd-party solution updates the Windows registry to correct the date issue.


Why are we offering a FREE solution to this problem?

We considered charging a small fee to pay for the research and development time required for this Daylight Saving time issue.

Instead, we are asking that you spend a few minutes reviewing Daily Lifeline, WavMail or GetMyHomework.  Almost every dealer has customers that could benefit from these products and we hope you will offer these solutions where it makes sense.

This is the honor system and we hope that you'll spend a few minutes learning a little more about one or more of our products.

As always, sales support is free at 800.966.4446.

Please visit our main web site to see our products:



Download this file and unzip it to a floppy disk.  Type a:install to run the update on a VoiceTrak or AVM DOS machine.

>> If your VoiceTrak or AVM system already has the Daylight Saving routine this will update the routine and no other changes are required.

>> If your VoiceTrak or AVM system DOES NOT already have the Daylight Saving routine installed, it will also be necessary to add one new line to the system.

Add the line near the end of the  c:\c2c\voice.bat file, just above the 'c2c' command.  
This line should read:

if exist c:\dos\dstadj.bat call c:\dos\dstadj.bat

Add the line near the end of the c:\voicecon\vcbat.bat file, just above the 'vcavm' command.
This line should read:

if exist c:\dos\dstadj.bat call c:\dos\dstadj.bat


Windows 2000 Fix


Download this file and run it on the Windows 2000 machine.  

This routine was written by Intelliadmin, LLC.  They can be found on the Internet at

We learned of this fix through a great technical on-line newsletter called Windows Secrets located at and strongly recommend that you subscribe to the free or paid version.  

The paid version is available for any amount of money you wish to contribute.  We have subscribed for two years and find this newsletter to be very, very helpful for anyone working with Windows.  The advice and information is excellent.





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